Şu An Okunan
Nothing Outside the Frame

Nothing Outside the Frame

In Nothing Outside the Frame Oktay İnce delivers his notes and thoughts on the ethics of street recording.

Screening date 7 April 2022, 19:00*
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* Following the online screening, there will be a live talk session with the director, Oktay İnce, at 19:30.

“In the open call text of From Below video series, there was a question along the lines of ‘how can we make the outside of the frame visible?’. We could say that this is a natural tendency. Every living being with eyes to see would like to enhance their sight all the way back and leave nothing outside their visual frame to be able to see the dangers coming from behind. Some animals have evolved greatly into achieving this. In this video I focused on another natural tendency. In nature, there is no ethics. Therefore, our natural tendency is always nonethical. If we take ethics as a power relations issue, then how do street camera ethics work?” – Oktay İnce

Nothing Outside the Frame
21 min. / 2022 / Turkish (with English subtitles)
Director Oktay İnce
Camera Oktay İnce, Sibel Tekin, Yüksel TV
Editing Oktay İnce
Sound mix Alper Çağan
Subtitle translation Nazım Hikmet Richard Dikbaş
Subtitle spotting Öykü Tanışman