Şu An Okunan


In his video trilogy, Halil Yetiş focuses on the uncanny resemblance between hunting techniques and surveillance technologies.

Screening date 28 April 2022, 19:00*
YouTube channel 
Altyazı Sinema Dergisi

* Following the online screening, there will be a live talk session (in Turkish) with the director, Halil Yetiş, at 19:30.

“This work started off from a text on hunting by Tolstoy. In this text, Tolstoy puts forth mercy as a concept that has the potentiality to create fair life conditions between humans and animals. Mercy series takes the hunter-prey theme as its focus and highlights the use of advanced hunting technologies on animals by humans, who see themselves as superior to animals. The hunting techniques of the hunter, such as hiding, watching, tracking and seeing without being seen resembles the surveillance methods used by humanity to build and maintain social control and hegemonic relations.” – Halil Yetiş

Compassion: Plastic, Bird View, Wild Boar
14 min. / 2022 / Turkish (With English subtitles)
Director Halil Yetiş
Editing Halil Yetiş
Music “Experiment Front of Van”Devrim CK
Additional footage Dumpiller (Emrah Dönmez, 2000)