Şu An Okunan
Remember the March

Remember the March

Remember the March
13’ 09’’, 2020, Turkish (with English subtitles)
Camera and editing: Güliz Sağlam
Subtitle translation: Yetkin Nural

Is staying home enough to stay alive? In Remember the March, Güliz Sağlam documents the days when women took to the streets despite the pandemic to protest male violence. First, the camera watches the empty streets from a window. Sağlam narrates excerpts from Purple Roof Women’s Shelter Foundation’s reports on violence against women during the pandemic period, specifically cases that expose how Law No.6284 is not put into practice. And then, as women go out to the streets, the camera becomes part of the crowd, reminding us of the power in solidarity in hopeless times.

Güliz Sağlam

Güliz Sağlam has worked as an assistant director in various films and documentaries over the course ten years. While she continues to work as an independent documentarist, she also is a video-activist and member of various collectives; documenting social events, specifically the feminist movement, women’s movement campaigns and women’s struggle for peace. Her documentary, A Dream School in the Steppes (2014) received the Best Documentary Award at the Cinema Writers Association (SİYAD) Awards. Güliz Sağlam and Ferya Sayıgil, who were guests of Altyazı Fasikül Screenings in February 2020, co-directed the documentaries Like a Bird in a Cage (2009), The Zone (2010) and Women on Strike (2010).

This video is produced for Altyazı Fasikül: Free Cinema’s Looking Outside series. Following the first screening of the video, a live conversation (in Turkish) with Güliz Sağlam was realized.