looking outside

Looking Outside: The Echoing Presence of the Silenced

The author gives an overview of the short documentaries in the ‘Looking Outside’ series, reflecting on the notions of inside vs. outside, remembering vs. forgetting. The shorts were commissioned by Altyazı Fasikül: Free Cinema during the first lockdown.

Remember the March

Güliz Sağlam documents the days when women took to the streets despite the pandemic to protest male violence.

The Bat Bird

In The Bat Bird, Gökçe İnce revisits the footage she recorded at Balıkesir’s Sarnıç village in 2010; during a time where Corona virus is turning the ‘human world’ upside down.

On the Wings of the Butterfly

İlham Bakır looks at his own family to observe the physical and emotional effects of ‘working from home’ during the pandemic.

The Lightwell

Begüm Özden Fırat turns her camera into the lightwell of the building, where all the sounds accumulate.

The Statue

In Ankara, there is a statue at the crossroads of Yüksel Avenue and Konur Street. The Human Rights Monument stands there since 10th December 1990.

Looking Outside – Short Films from Turkey Made During the Pandemic

Altyazı Cinema Magazine’s supplement Altyazı Fasikül: Free Cinema invited independent filmmakers in Turkey to make…

Street Solidarity

Kadıköy Solidarity Network is one of the local initiatives that has taken action to help people within the high risk group with their needs during the pandemic.


Ergezen’s film questions the borders between prison and outside world, during a time that not only the imprisoned, but everyone who has the means to do so stays in.