Şu An Okunan
Side by Side

Side by Side

Aylin Kuryel met Migros warehouse workers in 2021 to look at some photos of resistance. In these photos, one can also see the footsteps of the recent victories Migros workers gained.

Screening date: 24 March 2021
YouTube channel: Altyazı Sinema Dergisi

* Following the online screening, there will be a live talk session (in Turkish) with the director, Aylin Kuryel, at 19:30.

“The audio-visual material of protests, at times banned by police directives, other times forcefully confiscated, are most likely targeted because they in fact form the memory of resistance. At the beginning of 2021, I started a series of talks with participants from the ongoing struggles, with the aim of slowing down to look at images of resistance that are part of this memory and return to those moments through images. One of them was with Migros warehouse workers who were dismissed with Code 29 for organizing in DGD-Sen. Here, Neslihan and Hüseyin from the Migros resistance raise questions about the visual memory of standing ‘side by side’ through four photographs.” – Aylin Kuryel

Side by Side
16 min. / 2022 / Turkish (with English subtitles)
Director Aylin Kuryel
Editing Aylin Kuryel
Sound Mix Alper Çağan