Şu An Okunan
By the Shadow

By the Shadow

By the Shadow
2′ 08”, 2020, Turkish (with English subtitles)
Directors: Efe Durmaz & Yiğit Durmaz
Subtitle translation: Gözde Onaran

For those who are having a hard time looking at the present, here is the story of a kid who is imprisoned to its own shadow. BREAKING NEWS from a quadrangular world!!!

It had a hard time looking at the present
It put on its hat and its invisible jacket,
Shutting down its senses.
And entered the mysterious cave
But it wouldn’t let the Light behind by itself,
So it hit the beam of light,
and imprisoned the shadow…
Once upon a time, and then none.

Efe Durmaz & Yiğit Durmaz
A duo who are far from traditional production methods, in terms of both means and ideals. They aim to go beyond stereotypical, hierarchal discourses and styles with their collective production process. Their collective works focus on gender and traumas. The duo realize their experiments through horizontal organization mechanisms and keep working on their Alternative clip-Planet-L and Lubinya Rüyası documentary series.

This video is produced for Altyazı Fasikül: Free Cinema’s Looking Outside series. Following the first screening of the video, a live conversation (in Turkish) with Efe Durmaz was realized.