Şu An Okunan


In Deniz Buga’s Untitled photographs and found audio meets personal archive and politics on a coast where mucilage hasn’t taken over yet. 

Screening date 31 March 2022, 19:00*
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* Following the online screening, there will be a live talk session (in Turkish) with the director, Deniz Buga, at 19:30. 

Untitled brings together the photographs of people swimming at Tarabya coast that I took in 2010 with Devlet Bahçeli’s talk on mucilage at the Turkish National Assembly party group meeting in 2021. With found additions on a personal archive, the video points out the potential of every image and moment to become a witness.” – Deniz Buga

11 min. / 2022 / Turkish (With English subtitles)
Photography and Editing Deniz Buga
Subtitle translation Yetkin Nural
Subtitle spotting Öykü Tanışman